Continuous exploration, expansion and improvement..........

...leaders in the premium coloured gemstones market

premium coloured gemstones from mine to market...

continuous exploration, expansion and improvement...

premium coloured gemstones from mine to market...

Richland Resources is passionate about premium coloured gemstones. Committed to creating value, Richland Resources specialises in the mine to market supply channel for precious gemstones. Starting from gem exploration, mining, processing, precision cutting and luxury marketing, Richland is involved every step of the way.

Through its wholly owned subsidiary company, TanzaniteOne Mining, Richland Resources is also the largest and most scientifically advanced miner of tanzanite, a rare and precious violet blue gemstone.

The intrinsic attraction of tanzanite's beauty, plus the finite nature of a single known resource at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro in northern Tanzania, are undoubtedly part of tanzanite's allure.

The unique position held by TanzaniteOne Mining affords it the opportunity to support and influence the entire channel, from mine to market, ensuring that maximum stakeholder value is achieved at each stage of the process.

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